Thursday, 13 October 2016

Products Worth their Price - Soliel Tan De Chanel Bronzer Review

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel | RRP £32.00

I normally love a good bargain and I don't necessarily agree with bloggers who tell everyone they need to buy extortionately priced products every other post but there are a few products that I will happily spend the extra money on and as I've been beauty and skin care obsessed for quite a while now there are quite a few of them. So I thought I'd start a little  series about the products that I can't live without and will continue to repurchase even if my bank account isn't as happy about it as I am. I'm kicking it off with a product I'm sure you'll all have heard of but maybe under it's original name: Chanel Bronze Universal, renamed a few years ago as the Soleil Tan De Chanel and as with the majority of Chanel products, In my humble opinion, It's worth every single penny and  I'll just tell you why:

The Benefits:

Quality - I've tried a few of the high street offerings of gel/cream bronzers and I honestly haven't been that impressed, it might have been because I tried this one first and it ruined me for all the others but we'll just never know. It goes on smoothly, blends perfectly and creates a soft contour that I love, what more could I want. Even better that it doesn't irritate my skin so if your skin is sensitive like mine you won't have to worry about breakouts or irritation.
Ease - It's ridiculously easy to use, I just have to draw a few lines on my face with a small brush and blend in with foundation. That's it and even though sometimes I pop a little powder bronzer over the top it's still gives great definition on it's own.
Longevity - This applies both to how long it last's on my face and how long it takes to use up. Even without a good primer this last's all day without budging. As you can see it's a very substantial size and a little goes a long way, I use this every day and my first tub lasted me over a year and a half so that's technically only less than half a penny every time I use it so that justifies it in my book.
Packaging - This has the usual black, white and gold Chanel packaging that just looks great on the dressing table however unlike some of their skincare range, it is plastic. Some may not like this but for me it's a bonus as it means that it is less likely to break if dropped (which happens more frequently than Chanel probably wants to happen to any of their products) and it's much more lightweight which means it can go into my handbag if needed without feeling like I'm carrying a brick around with me.

The Downside

Shade range - It only comes in one shade and so wouldn't really be suitable for everyone. It works a treat on my paler than pale face but I do know people with a lot darker skin than me who also swear by this product so it could just be down to what you want it for and where you use it on your face.
Price - The only other downside to this beauty is the price but at £32.00 it's pretty standard for a high end bronzer and you do get a lot of product for your money in comparison to most other's. Also as I mentioned before it last's a very long time and I worked out that it cost less than a tenth of a penny a day to completely use up my first tub so for a purchase that's only made every now and again it's pretty decent.

Ultimately I would say that this is definitely a good investment and worth saving up for as you will feel like your getting your money's worth out of it. It retails for £32.00 from most places but if you keep an eye out you may be able to get a discount during the Christmas sales promotions at most of the bigger department stores.

Have you tried Soleil Tan De Chanel, What are your thoughts and would you recommend it too?


  1. This looks SO beautiful! I've never heard of gel or cream bronzers before, I'd love to try this because I bet it lasts for ages and the packaging would look gorgeous sitting on my dressing table! x

    Sick Chick Chic

  2. It's so worth it, I'm rubbish at blending powder bronzers in so it's made my morning's so much easier! You're right, It does look lovely on the dressing table but then anything Chanel looks amazing anywhere haha! xx


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