Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My favourite Autumn Nude Lip Combination

I've started experimenting with different lip product combo's over the past few weeks and I wanted to share one ofmy favourites with you lot. I normally tend to go for either light peachy shades or bold bright colours so it's strange for me that the one I've been loving at the moment is more of a brown nude, it's a little bit nineties which is having a fashion moment this year and I was a child of the nineties so that might have a lot to do with it, It's also all drugstore products which makes a nice change from my usual MAC addiction.

I start with Rimmel Lip pencil in Tiramisu which is a mid toned brown/pink, I'm not a huge fan of Rimmel but I do think that their lip products stand out above the rest of their range, this liner stays put and does it's job, it is slightly drying so I wouldn't wear it on it's own. I then use Loreal's Colour Riche in Eva's Nude which is a gorgeous suits all pink, I originally intended to pick up Cheryl Cole's version (Jennifer Lopez for those of you in the US) but it was sold out at the time however I've been back and I ended up not buying it as I actually prefer this colour. The final product is one that got a lot of hype when it first came out but had to compete with the Rimmel Apocolips range so didn't get a lot of love, which is the No7 BB lips in the shade Ballerina (the name itself is enough for me to want it) it's basically a tinted lipbalm but it has a really lovely texture and is not sticky at all, I also bought this with a £5 No7 voucher that are always being given out with your purchases so it's a good buy if you have one of those and are wondering what to get. I find that the lipstick and the balm cancel out how drying the liner is and the layering means that it wears away evenly and lasts for a good few hours, even through my usual starbucks run.

What's your favourite Autumn Lip Combination?

Sunday, 27 October 2013

My Hearts in Covent Garden.

Last week Jon and I stayed in London for a night to go and see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory at the Theatre Royal, West End shows are always amazing and this was no exception, If your looking for a great show to see, especially of you want to take the little ones then this is definitely worth booking, The special effects are great and you can really see how much care and attention has gone into every little detail. We stayed at the the Strand Palace Hotel which is two minute walk from Covent Garden and many of the theatre's so it was really handy for when my feet were hurting and we wanted to pop back and drop the shopping off. Me being me I forgot my memory card for my camera so I had to take all of my photo's on my phone but I didn't really end up taking that many as we were too busy running around.

We spent most of our day there in Covent Garden, mainly for convenience but also because there's so much to do we didn't really feel like going anywhere else and where all the theatre's are is where I like to be. I didn't get to explore the shops as much as I would have liked but I would have needed a few days there for that as I get a little carried away with shopping, Of course I got in a little trip to Mac though as I couldn't resist. We did also pop to Bond Street just for Victoria's secret and to the Rainforest Cafe for the strongest Pina Colada I've ever had because apparently I had a deprived childhood because I hadn't visited there, not going to lie I did enjoy it and nearly came away with a million and one stuffed animals but those teeny tiny penguins were too ridiculously expensive to justify.

On Tuesday we took a wander down to the River Thames and went across the Jubilee Bridge which was all fine and dandy until Jon pointed out that it's the one that swayed all over the place in reality and got blown up in Harry Potter so I got my pictures and got off there sharpish, Bridges aren't my thing at the best of times. We also went to Notes in Covent Garden for a coffee which was one of the best latte's I've ever had so I'm thinking I'll be going back to that one.

What are your favourite places to visit in Covent Garden, or even just in London?

Friday, 25 October 2013

My Current Makeup Loves

As I'm a creature of habit when it comes to my makeup I thought I would share with you the makeup items I've been reaching for almost everyday lately.

I'm back to using my Bourjois Healthy Mix which I've fallen back in love with again after trying their new offering, the happy light foundation, all I can say is that I'd rather use healthy mix that is a shade too dark for me than use the Happy Light again and I seeing as I hate too dark foundation with a passion, that says a lot for me. As it's quite a dewy foundation, I've been setting it with my Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light Plus as it gives a lovely finish that's matte but still a little but radiant, I will say that this is quite shimmery and doesn't really work that well with flash so I wouldn't wear it to take any photo's but for day to day wear it's great. I'm also reaching for my Bourjois Blush in the shade 'Healthy Mix' quite often these days as the healthy flush it gives my cheeks is definitely necessary in this gloomy weather.

For my lips, I've really enjoyed using my Mac lipstick in Peach Blossom, which is another product that I thought would just be a Spring/Summer product but I love the pink/peach tone that it gives to my lips and as it's a cremesheen formula it's very moisturising which is always a positive. I've been reaching for my Carmex as usual but lately I've been preferring it in the tube as opposed to the pot I normally buy just because it's easier to use and less messy when I'm on the go,

I'm also back to using an old favourite on my eye's which is the Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara, which I actually first started using when it first came out and I was still at school which makes me feel a bit old and I've fallen back in love with it after a brief period of hating all mascara's with a plastic brush. My Mac quad has also been getting a lot of use lately. The four colours I'm currently keeping in here are: All that Glitters, Concrete, Patina and Black tied. I tend to use concrete as a brow colour as it's quite an ashy brown which works well with blonde hair and all that glitters all over my lid. The other two are there for if I decide I want to do an easy smoky eye but I also like to use black tied as an eyeline on my upper lashline.

Which makeup items have you been reaching for lately?

Monday, 14 October 2013

Review -Soap and Glory - Scrub Actually

I will admit that as much as I love beauty products and faffing about with makeup and all that jazz, the area that I fail spectacularly at is exfoliating, In the sense that I just don't do it, ever. I own quite a few scrubs and I'm always so excited when I first get them but every single time I get out of the shower and remember that I still didn't use it and vow to do it next time, it's a viscous circle. So I decided to make an effort to start using a scrub more often, in stepped Soap and Glory's Scrub actually to help me with this endeavor.

As you can see from the above photo is quite a thick scrub compared to others that I have tried which I personally like as I feel that if a scrub is too runny then it doesn't really do anything and is therefore a waste of money. I also like the fact that as it is a sugar scrub the grains are quite big which means that it feels quite rough at first but they dissolve away slightly as you exfoliate and it begins to feel very soothing especially if you are in a warm bath. I also love that this doesn't leave a mess in my bath/shower as that's one of my pet hates when it comes to products, I dislike being all relaxed and then realising that I have to spend an age cleaning my bath out.

Another thing that I really enjoy about this scrub is how moisturising it is, most scrubs tend to remove all of my dry skin but leave it feeling tight and a little sore however this does neither. I feel like this could be because of the Mango Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil and Kukui Oil which are listed as a main ingredients as after washing this off I do sometimes feel like there is a slight oily residue left on my skin which I quite like as it means I don't have to moisturise (I know, I know I should but I'm worse with that than exfoliating.) It also meant that it was very difficult to keep that blob on my hand when I was trying to take a picture for you guys as it kept sliding about everywhere. 

I've found that although this is a great all over body scrub, my favourite way to use this is after I have shaved my legs as it makes my skin feel silky smooth and less irritated than any other scrub I've tried as my skin can be so sensitive after shaving and the easiest way for me to prevent a rash is to use this straight away and it also means I don't have to faff about with a harsh scrub and moisturiser after which makes me happy, so now really wish I'd found this this product a lot sooner, The tube says it's sensational and it really is (I'll stop being cheesy now.) As this is me and I clearly have an obsession with things smelling nice I do have to mention that It smells amazing, It doesn't have a specific scent but it really is lovely, so I really recommend you try it out especially as Boots has 3 for 2 on a lot of things including Body Skincare products a the moment so it would be a very good deal.

Have you tried this scrub or do you have another favourite to share?

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Happiness is a Sunday #6

1. Life has been hectic for the past few weeks, I'm either at college or work all day 7 days a week but I think I'm starting to figure out how to juggle everything, It's been very difficult and there has been tear and stressing out more than I would like but I think I'll get the hang of it and I know that it'll all be worth it in the end.
2. I went downtown for the first time since May this weekend for one of my friends birthdays, I had such a lovely night with great people but I'm still not sure if the hangover at work was worth it, put it this way if someone offers to buy you a watering can of woo woo, just say no!
3. I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte this week, they haven't had them at my usual Starbucks until this year and it lived up to it's hype.
4. Jon and I went to Chiquito's for Dinner last week and Oh dear lord the fajitas were good,
5. It's been over 5 weeks since my last day off but I only have 14 days until I have one, Just so happens to be a certain Mr's birthday too so it will be extra special.
6. I finally have internet during the week so I can keep up with my posts and it's going to be a lovely evening when I get to catch up on so many posts,. It's also going to make doing my research for college so much easier.
7. I've been finding my classes challenging but in a good way and I love that I'm being pushed to step out of my comfort zone everyday and that I get to learn everything properly. I'm just going to keep working hard and take on every correction I'm given until I improve.
8. I've been eating pretty badly this week (McDonalds at 3am anyone?) but I'm hoping to get back on track this week.
9. Lush Bubble bars have been a godsend for my aching body and I'm so excited for their christmas collection.
10. My college house is starting to feel more like a home and I feel really lucky that I've found such great housemates. 

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Hope you've all had a great week, Let me know what's been making you happy this week.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Philosophy Cinnamon Buns.

There are plenty of Philosophy products back at home but it's quite rare that I find one that I love, not because the products aren't great but just because the majority of them are owned by my Mum and I'm only allowed to try the ones that she has decided I can and I am under strict instructions not to touch the rest (It may sound cruel but this rule only came about after I discovered her pink lemonade scrub and managed to use about three quarters of it, I couldn't help myself!)

Luckily for me my mum prefers the fruity scents and anything vaguely 'cakey' scented is sent my way, which is how I came to get my paws on this beauty. As far as what it actually does, well it's a shower gel and bubble bath (it also says shampoo but I probably wouldn't use it as that unless I had no other options) and it cleans your body and puts bubbles in your bath which is what I need it to do really.

The real selling point of this is the smell, It smells incredible! It has a kind of creamy but spicy/ cinnamon smell, It's perfect for Autumn as it such a warming scent if that even makes any kind of sense? It really does give me the same feeling as when I sniff a fresh cinnamon bun, which is a very happy feeling as we all know I love pastries. I really wish I could do it justice but I seriously encourage you to pop into boots and have a sniff, you won't want to put it back down. As its pretty expensive I'm saving it for special occasions aka my pamper nights so It will last me a while but If your looking for a nice Christmas gift for someone who actually likes receiving bath products (those people do exist, I'm one of them) then this would a lovely idea.

Have you tried any of Philosophy's bath products? Any Favourites?