Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday Series-Life Lately

This past week or so has been pretty hectic and also very bittersweet. I've finished my teaching internship at the college I studied at myself for four years and while I'm happy to be moving on to bigger things, It's a sad feeling to say goodbye to the people who have helped shape me to be the person I am today. They took me on as a shy sixteen year old who was to afraid to speak to anyone and I'm leaving as someone who can stand in front of a class of thirty and tell them to pipe down and listen, which Is a new quality that I am extremely grateful for. Most of my time this week has been taken up by the end of year show, my fifth and my last, which involved a lot of hard work (have you ever cut out 50 black capes, 30 bow ties and a flowerpot whilst also trying to rehearse pieces including a secret one that only the tutors can know about? No, Just my life then) so I've been slightly MIA this week. I have a few posts up my sleeve for next week so I'll be returning to my usual blogging but for today I'll leave you with a few links to posts that I have enjoyed reading and watching this week.

- Caroline Hirons is the name on every bloggers lips at the moment and of course anyone else who is looking to sort out their problem skin and as I've been shoving more junk food into my mouth in this week than I ever have in my life and have been constantly wearing at least two layers of stage makeup she is also who I turned to in order to sort out my face which is not happy with me. No, I wasn't lucky enough to get an appointment with her however I have been scouring her 'Cheat Sheets' for advice and my skin is now back on track. You can read Caroline's Blog here and if your looking for any kind of fix her cheat sheets can be found here.

-Zoe is one of my favourite Bloggers/Youtuber's and I love finding out about other people's makeup routines. Inquisitive, Nosy whatever you want to call it, I just love finding out about the products people love and why so luckily Zoe has posted her everyday routine for us all to watch and enjoy here.

-After indulging in way too much junk this week I've decided to go back to my usual, mostly healthy, ways and have planned all my meals out and made my shopping list that's basically everything in the fruit and vegetable section of asda, so far so healthy. However one can't live off of fruit and veg alone so I've decided to do a spot of baking so I'm going to try my hand at Rosie's Really Bananary Banana Cake because it looks delicious and I can kid myself it's healthy because hey, it's got fruit in there. I also highly recommend that you all checkout the rest of Rosie's Blog , Cider With Rosie and especially all of her yummy recipes.

- Last but not least, here's some pretty shoes to look at because Charlotte Dellal at Charlotte Olympia know's exactly what she's doing when it comes to designing whimsical heels. I was originally going to link you to the Delphine Heels but then I saw the rest of them and I decided just to point you guys in the direction  of all the shoes. Enjoy (also how cute are the animal print kitty flats?)

Hope you guys have had a good week, which posts have you enjoyed reading this week?

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

OOTD: Life's so sweet.

T-shirt New Look | Jeans River Island | Sandals Primark | Bag River Island | Watch Dkny

Jon and I finally got a day off together on Monday so we decided to spend it together just because we could really, it's not very often we get a day together so we made the most of it and the sunshine as were both at work this week and this was our chance to enjoy the sunshine. It was a pretty relaxing day with a trip to Nando's, which was a bit disappointing as I decided to get the chips instead of my usual mash and instantly regretted it but it was nice to have something different for once. After that we went for a walk in the sunshine and I fulfilled my need for coffee at starbucks and then on to the cinema to see the fast and furious 6 (which was okay by the way but a bit to long for my liking, there's only so long pretty men can distract me from the fact I'm watching a film about cars being blown up.).

I tried to keep it casual but I love my heels and lipstick too much so I love these sandals as they are simple enough to wear in the daytime but glamorous enough for a date as I pretty much decided the whole day was one big date so I needed to make a bit of an effort. As it was pretty hot I didn't feel like wearing a lot of layers so I settled for wearing my cuffed jeans and and an oversized t-shirt to hide the food baby I ended up with. A little of my favourite red lipstick -  Mac Russian Red and my usual handbag and I was ready to go ...which was only about forty five minutes after Jon had finished getting ready but he's now learnt that he can watch whatever he wants on tv whilst I'm putting my face on without any arguments from me so he's happy to wait.

How have you been spending the sunny days that we've been having?