Sunday, 24 February 2013

February's Luxury Wishlist

Finally, It only took me until we're nearly in march for me to get this one out but here's this months pick of things I love but will never have, Enjoy.

I don't need this dress, I can't afford this dress and I have absolutely nowhere to wear this dress, But boy do I want it. It's shiny and slinky and would more than likely make me feel like an actress at a premiere that earns a lot more than minimum wage. Mqueen never fails to make me long for a life that I don't have yet.
I think we all know by now that I love scarves, a lot, however even with my stupidly large collection I don't have anything with neon. So this little neon number is perfect for me (I'm ignoring the price tag,) It's brightly coloured, Floral patterned and lightweight enough that I wouldn't get too warm, I'm just going to pray for a Primark version to some out soon.
Although this blouse is quite simple it has such a classic beauty the way that all of the Saint Laurent Garments do, it has something interesting going on it yet it still manages to be understated and stylish. This with leather trousers, killers heels and a clutch looks divine in my imagination.
I love most of Victoria Beckhams Designs and I think she's another designer who does subtly interesting very well. On it's own this dress is quite plain, however to me that just means that you can wear it with almost anything, It can be dressed up, dressed down, layered under jumpers, worn to the office, worn to a bar, worn the corner shop if you like looking expensive when your buying your bread and milk etc. It's a lovely little dress that would become a staple in my wardrobe if money was no object.
These are here mainly because I like drop earrings, I like star shapes and I can't resist anything shiny. They're lovely pieces and I'm loving the fact that now I have blonde hair I can actually wear dark earrings without them disappearing into my hair, never to be seen again, so again these lovelies are perfect for me.
I've been caught, hook line and sinker. I always said that I didn't like the arty rings, then I found one I like and now suddenly I find myself drawn to them and I now like all of them.
You can't see it but this shirt has little sail boats on it which makes it too cute for me to resist. It slightly reminds me of a pyjama top but then i'd feel like I was wearing my pyjamas in public and nobody would know, kind of the high end equivalent to when you sleep in joggers and then you go tesco in them and feel a bit smug the whole time because your wearing pyjamas and no one knows but you. Nope, just me then...
In real life I can't wear pink eyeshadows because they make me look tired and ill, However this is my fantasy so we're going to pretend they look amazing on me because they really are beautiful colours and this is the one thing on this list I can actually afford (maybe.) It looks white here but the colour in the middle is actually a beautiful iridescent silver which would be a great highlight colour and all of the colours have a houndstooth print which is so cute. (I also think I'm programmed to be drawn to anything that has the word ballerina anywhere.)
I know it's silly to be wanting leather trousers as soon as it's getting to spring but I've been scrolling through all of the A/W collections this week and now all I'm wanting is knits, (faux) fur and leather. I might invest in a cheaper non leather pair and keep them for winter as I'm thinking that they will be a bit more useful then.
I've seen these all over the place in black but I thought that the brown version would be better for spring as it's not as harsh. I'm still in love with studs and these kind of boots would look lovely with both dresses and jeans so they're very versatile. I'm definitely going to be looking for ebay copies soon.

Do have any high end favourites this month?
Hope you guys have all had a lovely weekend and have a great week ahead

Monday, 18 February 2013

Highlights from NYFW

I know that the fashion world is buzzing right now with London fashion week going on but of course I can't choose my favourites until the weeks finished so I'm focusing my attention across the pond to New York and Mercedes Benz Fashion week. My favourite part of fashion is seeing how the clothes change and adapt from the catwalk to the red carpet and onto the high street so I'm excited for the A/W drops already and I only have half a year to wait...

Here's my favourite looks from NYFW.

The Row.

I love how the Olsens have cleverly managed to blur the line between masculine and feminine tailoring in this collection, as well as how they've played around with volume and shape pairing loose almost lounge wear like separates and knits with sharp tailoring and a crisp mainly monochrome colour palette. Although the silhouettes are relaxed, each look seems to be well thought out and balanced on the right side of comfortable chic as opposed to being too bulky. I adore all of the chunky knitwear and the flowy trousers as well as the high necklines, which is a trend I'm hoping translates over into high street fashion this year.

3.1 Phillip Lim

This is another collection where I love their use of volume and shape as well as the juxtaposition between the textures and fabrics. Leather and knits were paired together to create a contrast which isn't a new idea at all but It can go either way in terms of whether it works or not but in this case it definitely worked. I also love the formal joggers paired with luxurious knits and leather accessories to create grungy but stylish looks. Again the colour palette was mostly muted however with a few jewel tones, patterns and metallic's here and there and the use of texture really helped to add interest to the collection. The standout look for me has to be the one on the far left as the coat is just divine, it's a gorgeous, rich colour and the over sized shape stops it from looking overworked.

Alexander Wang
This collection was full of oversized knits, fur, complicated construction and Boxing Gloves? I love the tiled embellishments on the knitwear and the use of folding and cut outs in some of the garments. Although this was another muted collection in terms of colour, the different design elements made it interesting and as usual the accessories were on point and luxurious, I'm especially loving the shoes in the last look.

Jason Wu

This has to be one of my favourite collections, I found it difficult to pick just four looks. The collection was full elegant but edgy tailoring, textures such as fur and lace and gorgeous accessories. I love the elegant silhouettes which are something a little different amid all of the oversized garments in other collections and the fact that the collection is mainly monochrome with pops of red and brown throughout.

Victoria Beckham

I've loved all of Victoria Beckham's collections and this is no exception. Her garments are always exquisitely designed and look like the kind of items where you'd feel amazing as soon as you put it on. I love the use of pattern and colour blocking as well as the tailored silhouettes and of course the accessories are gorgeous, Vb knows how to design a must have handbag

Other Highlights
Derek Lam, Jason Wu, Victoria Victoria Beckham, Prabal Gurung

Marc Jacobs, Victoria Victoria Beckham, Prbal Gurung, Michael Kors

*all Images from

Thursday, 7 February 2013

February Wishlist

I love Studs and I'm a hat person, I also love the colour burgundy so basically this is perfection in beanie form. If it wasn't getting towards spring this would have been in my basket faster than roadrunner. (If you don't know what I'm talking about and haven't seen that cartoon what kind of childhood did you have?)
I love a good pair of printed trousers and as these are monochrome they would go with so many different items. My lovely mum has offered to buy me these and put them away for my birthday because she's good like that, the only problem being that I haven't seen them in store yet and due to having very muscly legs I can't buy trousers without trying them on first but hopefully we'll come across them soon.
I saw these instore yesterday and they are just beautiful, This picture doesn't do justice as to how shiny and pretty they really are. They're pinker in real life (you know what I mean) than in this picture but they are still a lovely colour and would be perfect for spring.
At first I overlooked this jumper but as I went to scroll down I went over this picture and the quite boring picture of the front of this jumper changed into this cute little number. I don't know why as I can't even see it when I'm wearing them but I absolutely love back details on clothes and this jumper would be perfect for those days when I want to be completely comfortable and not even try to dress myself properly but I still want to look as though I did actually make an effort (aka most days.)
I love MAC lipsticks and I'm looking to add more to my collection (I say collection but I only have 4.) Shy Girl and So Chaud are no brainers for me as they fit into my very nude or very bright lipstick philosophy, the former is a lovely peachy nude that I've been coventing for a long time and the latter is a bold orangey red which I've only just discovered. Morange is a lovely bright orange and is a colour that I would love to try. To be honest it's the one that I can justify buying the most as I have lots of others that are similar to the other two but I don't have any orange lip colours as It's not something I've ever thought of buying but for some reason I'm being drawn to orangey shades this year.
Monki Lucy Bra - £10.00
I love wearing vests with low armholes or any thing with a low back so I need pretty bras that cover my modesty and look good whilst doing so. This one from monki is absolutely lovely and it looks as though it would still be very comfortable. (For those of you worried about the lack of support, I have the chest of a 13 year old boy so support is a non issue.)
As I've said I'm a hat person and I've been wanting one of these hats for a while as I'm a bit obsessed with Fosse but I just never got around to buying one. Now they seem to be everywhere so they're much easier to find so I might have to stop looking at them and start buying. Maybe not this particular one though as it's a little bit exspensive for a hat. To ebay I go.
I really like these earrings, to be honest I don't know why but It's probably because they're gold, shiny and I haven't seen anything else like them yet.
I've been looking for an anklet for a while now but I haven't come across one that I really like (if anyone's seen any more nice gold ones please let me know.) This one is really cute though and I love how it's delicate but it'll still be noticeable on my ankle.
I found this shop when the lovely Rio began following me and I'm so glad she did. As soon as I  got onto the site I started geeking out and I wanted it all. All of her jewelry and other items are inspired by quotes from classic books, I was deliberating between this, a rose necklace inspired by the famous line from Romeo and Juliet and a star inspired by an Oscar Wilde Quote before settling on this lovely Lord of The Rings inspired number which hopefully I'll be able to buy soon.  If you love books and quirky little bit's of jewelry then you should check out her shop .
I'm trying to start buying classic items that I can keep for years as opposed to the crazy items I keep buying now and these shoes definitely fall under the former category. They are a little bit pricey but as they are from Zara I know they'll be great quality and they will last quite a long time which is what I am looking for. Again high heeled shoes are something that I have to try on in store so I'm hoping that my local zara will have them in both a 5 and a 6 so I can try on both. I wish all shops would do half sizes, it would make my life so much easier.

So that was this months wishlist, are there any items that your hoping to be able to buy this month?